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These are my Google Web Stories – all recent ones in one place. Tap an image to start a story – tap a close symbol in the top left corner to close it. Each story opens in a popup, so there is no need to “go back” in your browser – easy as that. And please share your favorite stories with your friends – that would be amazing!

This page is being regularly expanded, so bookmark it in your browser to come back more often.

Now, wonder what a Web Story is? Read more about them. In short, it is a fun quick way to browse through recipes, posts, tips, etc.

When you tap through a story and find a particular slide interesting, swipe up to get more relevant information. In fact, some elements are tappable as well, so if you see a hint to tap one of those – do it! You can always come back to the story if you’d like to finish it.

Enjoy playing with Helena Recipes Web Stories and please share them with your family and friends. There will be a few buttons at the end of each story (as soon as it finishes).

I really hope that you will find them fun to browse and useful. Also, if you have a suggestion for improvement, please send it my way using the contact form on the website. I will really appreciate it.

Alright, I should better get back to creating more of these web stories for you, so check back later for some more! In the meantime, browse all of my recipes on the blog and enjoy cooking with love!

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