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Meal Plan – Week 4


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Meal Plan - Week 4



Meal Plan - Week 4

Shopping List


Meal Plan - Week 4


• This meal planner is designed for two people. To cook for a bigger group adjust the measurements accordingly. For example, to cook for four people, multiply everything by two.

• Some meals are marked with a star symbol (*). This means that the recipe is designed for 4 servings – for the leftovers to be used at the next-day lunches.

• (**) – You can prepare mashed potato cheese balls as a snack and serve them with bolognese sauce.

• If certain fruits in the list are not in season or not available in your store, substitute them with other types.

• This meal plan is not a professional advice and is based on my personal experience and opinion. You will need to consult with your doctor first if you have doubts and/or if you have special health or diet requirements.