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Picnic Skewers

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This Picnic Skewers recipe can be made insanely quickly, yet will surprise everyone with its looks, beating the hunger like a boss!

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4 slices Prosciutto
4 slices Salami mild sopressa or any salami
6 Grissini sticks 6 Italian breadsticks
2 ounces green olives 50 grams
2 ounces black olives 50 grams
8 cherry tomato(es) halved
2 ounces Cheddar cheese 50 grams
2 ounces Feta cheese 50 grams
2 ounces green grapes 50 grams
1 yellow bell pepper(s)
1 green bell pepper(s)
1 cucumber(s)
1 avocado
3 radish(es)
leaves basil to decorate
chives basil to decorate
1 pack bamboo skewers


14.1 g
31.2 g
62.6 g
10.7 g
46 mg
11.5 g
1215 mg
15.8 g
250 mg
4 mg
1167 mg
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    Picnic skewers

    If someone asks me if I am ready for a picnic, I will say: “I was born ready”. There is just something magical in enjoying delicious food with your loved ones outside.

    For some of us picnics are seasonal and for others – they never stop. And even when it’s all about a good old barbie, you still need a simple starter to have with you that everyone will love.

    Starter ideas for picnic

    Some of the great picnic starters can be:

    • chips
    • veggies
    • crackers ‘n’ dips.

    But when you need to make something fancier – picnic skewers to the rescue!

    Interesting Fact

    Did you know that picnics became popular after the French Revolution in 1789 when royal parks were first opened to the public? Wow!

    Why are these skewers so good?

    Well, these skewers are fabulously easy to make and are absolute crowd pleasers. They have never disappointed me. That’s for one.

    Secondly, if you have a BBQ coming up and you are responsible for a starter, skewers with veggies, cheese and olives are a fabulous idea. That is because they can be made insanely quickly and will surprise every single one of your loved ones with their looks.

    Not to mention that these skewers beat the hunger like a boss!

    Vegetables, cheese and olives, evenly threaded onto bamboo skewers

    Made these picnic skewers?

    Please share your thoughts about this dish in the comments below. What did you like the most? Did you make any modifications?

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    5/5 (2 Reviews)


    5 min

    Prepare Ingredients

    Cut vegetables and cheese into one-bite pieces. Get all other ingredients ready, too, as well as a pack of bamboo skewers.

    3 min

    Prepare Skewers

    Thread the vegetables, cheese and olives on bamboo skewers.

    2 min

    Prepare Breadsticks

    Wrap prosciutto and salami slices around the end of each breadstick.



    Your Picnic Skewers are ready - enjoy!



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    5/5 (2 Reviews)
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