Olá, Beautiful People!

My name is Helena, I am a recipe creator and a big fan of home cooking. Before starting my food blog, I worked in a corporate world, contributed to food-related publications and was engaged in many different projects. Yet it is my food blog that made my inner world go “Woohoo”.

Food blogging has become a big part of my life, and is my true passion. Let me share this passion with you now!

Where I Started

I started my food journey a long time ago when I was a child watching my Mom cook.

My Mom taught me everything that I know, and I am eternally grateful to her for all the cooking knowledge, skills and secrets that she has passed along to me.

Little Epiphany

I remember trying my first macaroon. It was during one of my travels out of the country. I loved the taste of the macaroon so much that after devouring a ton of them, I finally decided that I had to learn start making them at home.

Big problem: I couldn’t find almond flour anywhere in town and buying online was not an option either. So I decided to make my own almond flour, too.

Small problem: I didn’t have a chopper. I fixed that one pretty quickly, and… made my own almond flour. Then… well, let’s just say that I prepared enough macaroons to feed my town. 🙂

It felt great, and was the moment when I realized that I could make anything at home, have more than one go at my favorite dishes and budget my food life better.

Cooking at home has changed my eating habits and had had a great impact on my life ever since. It has changed my husband’s life, too. 😉

Love Is The Main Ingredient

I cook my family’s favorite recipes using the ingredients that I can buy locally. Most importantly, all of my recipes are filled with love, because I’ve always believed that when you cook for your family and/or friends, love is the main ingredient.

I really hope that you will join me in this tasty journey and subscribe to my Newsletter (if you haven’t already). Find me on social mediaYouTube or Pinterest – and please leave me your comments under each of the recipes. I am always happy to hear from you.

Now let’s get cooking, shall we? 🙂