About Me

My name is Helena, I am a recipe creator, food photographer and contributing writer to food-related publications.

Whether it is an appetizer, main course or dessert, you can make it healthy and delicious without spending too much time and money.

When I Started

I started my food journey in 2010. That was the year I met my husband and… tried my first macaroon. I LOVED macaroons so much that at some point I decided to learn how to make them at home.

In a few days I set myself on a mission to find all the ingredients but there was one that was completely missing – almond flour. So I decided to make my own almond flour, too.

So I bought a chopper, almonds, made almond flour and prepared enough macaroons to feed a small island. It felt good.

My Little Epiphany

That was when I realized that I could really make anything at home, have more than one go at my favorite dishes and budget my food expenses better.

Cooking changed my spending habits and has been a great impact on my life ever since.

Focus Is

In my blog, I will share Ukrainian recipes that have been my family’s recipes for generations; I will explore Portuguese cuisine made with authentic Portuguese ingredients and will occasionally share some other recipes that I enjoy along the way (such as macaroons).

The most important part is that all my recipes will share the same ingredient – ♥, because love is the main ingredient!

Bon appétit, – Helena. 🙂