About Me

My name is Helena, I am a recipe creator, food photographer and contributing writer to food-related publications.

Whether it is an appetizer, main course or dessert, you can make it healthy and delicious without spending too much time and money. And here is why.

When I Started

I started my food journey in 2010. That was the year I met my husband and… tried my first macaroon. I LOVED macaroons so much that at some point I decided to learn how to make them at home.

One day I set myself on a mission to find all the ingredients for it. Big problem: I couldn’t find almond flour in my town, there was just none. Well, I decided to make my own almond flour as well.

I bought a chopper (didn’t have one at that time), almonds and made almond flour. Let’s just say that I prepared enough macaroons to feed a small island. And It felt good.

Little Epiphany

That was the moment when I realized that I could make anything at home, have more than one go at my favorite dishes and budget my food adventures better.

Cooking changed my spending habits and has been a great impact on my life ever since.

Love Is The Main Ingredient

I mostly cook Ukrainian recipes that have been my family’s recipes for generations. I also explore Portuguese cuisine made with authentic Portuguese ingredients. And I occasionally share recipes from other cuisines that I enjoy along the way, such as French and Italian, for example.

Most importantly, all of my recipes are filled with love, because love is the main ingredient.

This is me. Would you like to tell me a bit more about yourself now? Send me a message.