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🎎 Brand Ambassador

I love long-lasting relationships in everything I do. And creating such with brands I feel passionate about is something that I am really happy to do. This will allow me and you (my dear Brand) to promote your name and product across my recipes and social media platforms.

🍝 Sponsored Recipes

I can’t live without cooking and having tasty food on my table. If you produce a high quality product that you are absolutely passionate about – I would love to collaborate. I will create recipes using your products and create photographs of all kinds and formats that can be used on my blog, your website, packaging, hand-outs and any other surface.

🌟 Reviews & Giveaways

I am happy to write rich reviews about your products (or places, services) and support them with HQ videos and photos. I am available to run giveaways if I believe that you product is something that my readers will benefit from.

✈️ Sponsored Traveling

I love traveling and throughout my life traveled to Europe, Africa and Australia. I am happy to travel to various venues, conferences, tours, recreational facilities and more and share this experience with my followers in the blog and all social media platforms. It can be food-focused, travel-focused or lifestyle-focused.

📷 Food Videos and Photography

I am happy to help you with your food videos and photography. I work in most Adobe Creative Suite programs and am available to work 7 days a week which means that I can take on your urgent matters, too.

💗 Designing Pins, Thumbnails, Collages, etc.

I can create beautiful vertical pins for your food blog, trendy thumbnails for your YouTube videos and awesome collages for your website and social media. There are no limits here so we can discuss on what you want and I will do the rest.

~ Helena

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