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About Me

Hi and welcome to Helena Recipes. My name is Helena, I am a recipe creator, food photographer, contributing writer to food-related publications and creator of healthy meal plans to save busy bees like you some time and money! A lot of it actually.

Whether it is an appetizer, main course or dessert, you can make it healthy and fancy without spending too much money and time. And I will show you how I do it.

I started my food journey in 2010 when I met my husband. I remember we went to a small restaurant where I tried my first macaroon… My delight was so big that I felt like I needed to make a few of my own as soon we would return home. Let’s face it, one macaroon is never enough for the stomach but not for the wallet.

I spent the next day looking for almond flour just to find out that none of my local stores had it. Bugger. So I decided to make my own flour for my own macaroons, too.

I bought a chopper, almonds and then prepared enough macaroons for the whole weekend. It felt good.

This was thatmoment when I realized that I could could cook anything at home, have more than one go at something tasty and save a good chunk of my weekly budget. Cooking was the secret. I changed my habbits and started to save tons of money. I believe that you can do it, too!

Now I always bring back new recipes when I travel which is why you will find dishes from around the world here!

And because my motto is “No Secrets in the Kitchen!”, I am ready to share everything I know about cooking with you as well as tips and tricks to save time and money.

Become a member (it is 100% free) to enjoy a myriad of awesome tools to help you plan your meals, save on groceries, share your results and more! Or feel free to subscribe to My Weeklie to stay tuned with my updates.

Bon appétit! 😊

~ Helena