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About Me


Hello my dear friends and new visitors! 🙂 My name is Helena. I am a passionate food writer, cook and food photographer on Helena Recipes. I am very excited to share all of my food adventures with you in this regular food recipe blog.

Whether it is entrées, main courses, appetizers or desserts – I cook them all! It means that you can find all of these goodies here. If you ask me what I like to do most of all, I will definitely say – cooking food, speaking about food, thinking about food and, of course, trying food!

Some History

Let’s get acquainted now. Here are some facts about me and Helena Recipes.

I started my food journey in 2010 when I met my husband Vladi. I was not too serious about food back then. But Vladi has always thought that I have been creating the yummiest recipes in the world! And quite honestly, I am really happy to hear that. I have been always cooking from the bottom of my heart.

I remember how I ate my first little French macaroon… My impression of it was so big that right after I had finished the macaroon I felt that I really needed to make my own as soon as possible.

However, I couldn’t find almond flour anywhere. After searching for it for two weeks straight and with no results, I decided to make my own flour, too. I bought chopper, almonds and prepared enough macaroons for the whole weekend.

It was a 100% victory! Nice, sweet well-textured macaroons were on our table and it felt goooood!


Cooking has always been my big hobby. I have been enjoying cooking while Vladi has enjoyed photographing. Not so long ago we both reevaluated our time, possibilities and skills and we decided to join forces to work together more around FOOD! There are some very good reasons for that:

I love cooking, Vladi loves eating.

I like baking all kinds of goodies and Vladi can’t live without cakes, biscuits and sweets (I know that :).

He likes taking videos and pictures – I love to be in them!

Together, we created our super project – #LiLCrumbs! Have you seen it yet on my blog or LoveinLions website?


When we are not cooking, eating, shooting or editing – we like to travel. When we travel we try different cuisines and never regret about our choices.

Interesting that people bring magnets, postcards, drinks, food or clothes from their journeys… We bring new recipes! I feel that every cuisine in all these new places is so special. Therefore, every new dish that I try opens new horizons for me to create something unique and super delicious!

And one more thing about me: – my food motto is “No Secrets in the Kitchen!” So I am ready to share all of my favorite recipes and dozens of flavors with you! Sweet and savory, quick and easy recipes are now live on Helena Recipes – bon appétit! 😊